Iván Mauricio Rodríguez Lastra

Financial advice, accounting, audits, IFRS financial statements, taxation and labor laws to various companies in the region, among which is the Stock Exchange – Valparaíso Stock Exchange and various SMEs in the country.

I.O. Consultores Asociados Ltda., Administration and Finance Manager.
Universidad de Playa Ancha, Management Analyst.
Orsis Ltda, External Advisor.
VTR Chile S.A, Head of Central Zone Accounting.
Guerra and Raby Auditores Asociados, External Auditor.

External consultant

· Prepared the financial statements, advised on Tax and Labor Law matters. He carried out Internal Control and Financial Statements Audits to «Stock Brokers» and to «Stock Exchange – Valparaíso Stock Exchange», Syafis Ltda .., Parroquia San Luís Gonzaga, etc.

Stock Exchange – Stock Exchange, Head of Finance and Personnel

Jeria and Associates Pannel Kerr Forster, External Auditor